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Page 43:  Rambo Reyes Rescues Child Sex Slaves
Page 42: The Gordon Walker Resume Message
Page 41: Extra: The Shurtleff/Torgensen Text Messages

Page 40:  The AG SexMail Leak
Page 39:  Ron Tolman: Wanted Dead or Alive
Page 38: The Deseret Federal S&L Coverup

Page 37: The Marc S. Jenson Epicenter
Page 36: The AG's Use of Illegal Investigative Subpoenas
Page 36A: KSL Secret Subpoena Story (.wmv video)
Page 36B: KSL Secret Subpoena Story (Flash video)
Page 35: The Cindy Poulson Affair
Page 35A: Barlow & Wallentine Testimonials
Page 34: Leaked Barlow/Poulson Emails Update
Page 33: AG Fights to Keep Investigative Unit
Page 32: AG's Selection of Outside Counsel

Page 31: Audit Hammers AG's 
Vehicle Use
Page 31A: State Auditor's AG Vehicle Usage Report 

Page 30: Union of Church & State and LDS Anti-Gay Rights

Page 29: Search Warrant executed on the AG’s  Office

Part 28: Cronyism Part II The AG Hiring Snafu

Part 27: Cronyism and the Leaked Emails  

Part 26: The AG's Secret Undercover Strike Force  

 Part 25: AG's Motor Pool Pt. II/Torgensen Now a Target

 Part 24: The DOJ v. FBI Grudge Match

Part 23: The AG's Motor Pool

 Part 22: Corrupt AG Procurement Practices Part II

Part 21: John Swallow's Death Wish

Part 20:  Courrupt AG Procurement Practices
Part 19:  Jason C. Powers: Spiderman
Part 18:  Mark H. Robbins: The Teflon Don & Mark Shurtleff

Part 17:  Mark Shurtleff: Guilt By Association

Part 16: The Shurtleff Payback Factor: Revenge Against Marc Jenson?

Part 15:  Mark Shurtleff/Tim Lawson Alleged Sex for Favors

Part 14: Feds Plan to Drop John Swallow Case

Part 13: The AG’s chain of Command/Scott Reed

Part 12: Prosecutor Charlene Barlow and Brian Kitts

Part 11: John Swallow and Vivint: Pay-to-Play

Part 10: Mark Shurtleff and The Copper King Mine/Marcus Southworth Part II

Part 09: Mark Shurtleff and The Copper King Mine/Winterfox Loan Part I

Part 08: John Swallow: Lobbying Without a License/ Marco Fields

Part 07; John Swallow and the Super Light Bulb Part II

Part 06: John Swallow and he Super Light Bulb Part I

Part 05: Bybee, Winterfox & Zions Bank

Part 04: John Swallow and George Evan Bybee Part II

Part 03: John Swallow and George Evan Bybee Part I (the Brian Kitts Prosecution)

Part 02: John Swallow and the Fat-Burning Pills

Part 01: John Swallow’s Freebie Concealed Weapon